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Stepping Out

My father used to say "you have one life".  

Why do we let the choices others make keep us from moving ahead in this one life?  Don't let that stop you from being the person God created you to be! 

It took me a long time to see that life wasn't just about the addict in my life. I came to realize that my life mattered just as much as the life I was trying to save and protect. Believe it for yourself! 

Step out and step ahead!

Healthy You, Healthy Me!

Let's encourage each other to move into a healthier lifestyle that has eluded us for so long! Find some great recipes and tips right here! Be nice to yourself!  

Soul Searching Salve

Our spirit needs the most love we can give to ourselves. God, our Creator, never intended for us to drag through life or simply exist. 

Soak in His love and accept His healing for all that hurts within you. Let Him guide you along the path of life, each step and each day no matter where you are in your  current state of affairs!  His Word is full of prayers for healing and relief from the ravages of drug, alcohol or sugar addiction that tries to steal your joy each day. 

Are you unsure of where to start? Would you like to read God's Word but you don't have a Bible? Try here www.biblegateway.com 

Start with the Gospel of Matthew or John and see what the chatter is all about. 


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Let's Work Together

Laura is available to speak to your group in making changes for the better! 

She is experienced in areas of Addiction and Recovery for families, 

or the struggles of women in crises, 

with faith leading the way.   

Laura is the author of Enabling Love, an active ministry leader in her family of faith 

and a Certified Biblical Counselor. 

To contact Laura, send a message. A prompt response will follow! 

Enabling Love

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