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The Story of Rivai

Remember the Prodigal Son? We'll call him Rivai, which means contention or strife.  Rivai demanded to have his inheritance so he could go off and live it up with wine, women and song. The city life was calling to Rivai! His father knew that trying to control, resist and refuse his sons determination to live life in an unhealthy way was futile. He gave Rivai what he asked for, and let him go on his way.  It wasn't long before Rivai had gone through all he had and ended up alone. A nice Jewish boy face down in a pig pen. 

Eventually, Rivai saw the error of his way and realized he needed to go back and repent and would be thankful to just have a place to lay his head and eat if his father would let him come home.           The wise father not only welcomed Rivai home but  

celebrated his return because Rivai had learned his lesson 

and turned from his destructive ways. 

The part that mostly catches my eye, however, is that the Wise Father didn't chase after the determined and disobedient son. He watched and waited for Rivai's return but he never went after him or sent others out ahead to try and prevent Rivai from experiencing fallout from his bad choices. 

This wise Father knew that his son had to feel the pain of his own sinful choices to change. Nothing changes us like pain. 

Who are you chasing? 

On My Kindle and Bookshelf

Here are some of my favorite books that helped me and helped others gain insight and freedom in a chaotic lifestyle. 

The Bible  

       by God 

Enabling Love 

        by Laura McAlpine

The Enabler  

        by Angelyn Miller, MA

The Language of Letting Go

        by Melody Beattie 

Setting Boundaries w/your Adult Children

         by Allison Bottke 

Check them out! 

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